A best friend

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We always slept over at your house. I never thought muxh of it but I always rode the ttc there and back just to see you. I woke up at 6 am on Sunday mornings to leave before you had stuff to do, I slept on the couch or the ground or your bed just to spend more time with you. You never even came to my apartment after school. 

You never let me join in with your friend groups. But you always said we were friends. You hung out with people from our school and didn’t even think to send me an invite. 

You would never choose me for group projects.   We were best friends, but the teacher wanted maximum groups of 4 and there were 3 other people you wanted to be with over me. No one wanted me in their group, so I had to write and perform alone. I was never confident in performing or singing. I cried in front of the entire class as I performed. 

You took me camping with your family but you made sure to tell me I was only invited because your first 2 choices couldn’t make it.

Literally rode the ttc for 3$ and over an hour to meet up while u were shopping just to see u. You talked to me for maybe 30 mins then said u had to go home. We took the ttc together and you talked on your phone to another friend about plans the whole way.

I saved up money and researched for a week to get a good Christmas present. You gave me a rock you drew a face on that you didn’t wrap and just picked up off your desk. You never put any thought into what you gave me.

I skipped volleyball practice to come see your show. Another hour long ttc trip, paid 15$ for a ticket. I went alone and got hit on waiting 30 minutes after the show for you. I brought you flowers. You gave me a hug and said you had to leave for the cast party.

I invited you to the last show of my year. I worked really hard on it. I was in a starring role and even designed the poster. You told me you couldn’t make it. You later asked me to tell your mom that you were there if she asks, since you went out that night and told her you were with me.

i don’t know why I ever thought that you actually cared.

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