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a BLM supporter just gave me a panic attack

so I saw someone on DA talk about how they want ppl to block someone who doesnt support the BLM. they were yelling at ppl in the comments that also said they didnt support the BLM. I thought id give my POV on things and gave them my reason as to why ppl might not like what they do. they went off on me and said things and now i wanna kill myself yay!!

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Re: a BLM supporter just gave me a panic attack

I dont know what reasons where listed. Your POV may have contained ideas based on practicality or other rational. Something not emotional. And people replying, were being emotional (because of feelings) and unaccepting of anything but their side. And this emotion may have made them respond harshly. To quote a classic, "I pity the fool". Please don't let their criticism hold as much power to affect your well being. Sending bytes of hugs.

We are free. You are not obligated to care.

I support the peaceful protests even though I have cop relatives & love cops. Most cops are good. A small few need to be forced out. Some need to be jailed.

In Georgia a man was killed for jogging. It took protests for arrests to occur. In Tennessee a white male drowned over speeding. He begged for help. The cops mocked him.

In Utah an autistic child was afraid of cops after watching them kill his grandpa. Before going after him a cop said they were going to shoot him. I talked to my cop relatives. That’s not how it works.

He ran. They caught up. He obviously had no weapon. A cop shot him 11 times. That cop hasn’t even been arrested. Probably will not go to jail.

That could be any of you. See why we need to support the protestors? I’m opposed to attacking innocent cops; arson; looting. But if good people don’t force bad cops to be forced out & prosecuted for serious things; this stuff will continue to happen.

We all have to be held accountable by the same laws.

I’m not against cops. In fact I support them. I talk to them. I have friends who are cops. But some cops become criminals. We can’t let them get a pass. We trust them to interact with our children while holding guns.

Let me ask you this. Let’s suppose some blacks dudes in doo rags said they were going to shoot a cops disabled child. They broke in her home. She ran. They caught her. She had no weapon. One of them shot her 11 times. Would that cop want the shooter jailed or just say oh well? Would you want that black dude jailed? Well there you go. Why does a cop get th threaten to kill a disabled child; then just shoot the unarmed kid 11 times?

That could have been you being shot. The BLM is fighting for that little autistic boy; just as much as for blacks. They are also fighting for gays & the homeless. Even for you. Do you get it now?

But it’s OK. We still love you.

dude I know the person who wrote this!! and the person who gave them a panic attack is called graffitibunny, graffiti is a fucking bitch, all she does is go around calling anyone who disagrees with her a fucking racist, which in this year COULD GET YOU FUCKING KILLED!!! graffitibunny if your reading this, FUCK. YOU. my friends called me when this happened saying she wanted to kill herself because she really thought she was racist, NO. SHE, ISN'T. SHE JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW THAT RACISM CAN GO BOTH WAYS!!!!! IF YOU NEED PROOF THEN WATCH THESE VIDEOS YOU IDIOT!!! and you owe her an apology. when your ready to say sorry, then you know where to find her or me.




you want more proof then go look this stuff up yourself, and no im giving out the name of my friend, shes been through enough already and doesnt need anymore panic attacks. im giving out graffitibunny's names because I think shes a cunt who needs to be stopped. if you guys every see her, just block her. she goes by graffitibunny and PookAcrylic. again dont confront them, they dont like listening to other opinions, JUST. BLOCK. THEM!

on last time, MY. FRIEND, IS, NOT, RACIST! SHE, WANTS EQUALITY, FOR EVERYONE. that means blacks, whites, and everyone under the sun!

also to my friend who made this post, im sorry, I know you prob didn't want me to do this, but you almost killed yourself over this. and I want something done about this. for your sake.