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a class changed my life

when i was in first grade, i was about average i’d say. i looked overweight, but besides that i loved my body. one day in the beginning of school, my friend came up to me telling me these exsact words,” hey (my name), the class wanted me to ask you if you were pregnant. i don’t think that of course, but they wanted to know.” i looked back, everyone stared at me and laughed. even my best friend was in on this. sense then, i’ve been struggling with my looks, even when i was in second grade, i looked myself in the mirror everyday in disgust

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Re: a class changed my life

I also struggle with self awareness dear..... Even though people say I'm beautiful,I don't see the beauty..... I've been struggling with acne,skin problems,and I kinda have a protruding teeth which makes me feel so insecure to be around people cause I don't like them seeing me

I've tried and tried to change the situation but my face won't bulge...

Then I came across a writing one day, " if you can't love your blemishes and imperfections,you can never love yourself" and that was when I realized I didn't even love myself in the first place,I think about what people will think of me which has little effect on me now... But baby,don't let people define your happiness.... Make the self decision to be happy,only then will you be truly happy