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A crush on a friend’s brother

i have this friend who is dating my another guy friend so we got closer to hanging out and playing sports together. The brother is younger than me by 2 years, he’s a really introverted, shy, tall and cute person. He cares for his brothers even the older one which is my friend and i find it so adorable and endearing as he was more mature like our age. Basically he is my type. At first i only thought of him as cute and just wanted to tease him but slowly i started gaining feelings for him after numerous eye contacts. I’m not sure if he does it to other people but... we kept eye contacting and sometimes we would caught each other staring or we would look at each other at the same time. Sometimes when the group laughs, we would eye contact. Slowly.. i felt scared of falling deeper as he was my friend’s brother and he is younger so everything felt really weird as I’ve never had a crush on a younger person. And i have no guts to talk to my friends about it for advice or anything... I couldn’t even bring myself to ask if my crush have been eye contacting them too as it would be too obvious and i might be too paranoid or thickskinned. Nowadays.. whenever we dont see each other for even a day, I’ll start missing him and even hallucinate his voice and everything. Im scared.. as.. all my love ended up as one-sided and sometimes its me who misunderstood everything from the very start that made me fall for people. I’m scared of having the same old thing happening again that im so sick of it.. i just want to stop this thing and maybe convince myself that im not the only one he have been eye contacting numerous times with, maybe he’s just being cautious and aware y’know?? Im not sure. I dont know. And im anxious about everything.. i became more insecure and nervous every single time i think about him with another girl. Im scared that this infatuation would soon turn into love. Thankyou for reading, i just needed a platform to vent all the bottled feelings