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I shouldn’t be in this friendship it’s affecting me so f*cking much that sometimes I feel I can’t breath. He’s my best friend and I cannot stay away from him. I miss him so so much that I cannot explain it in words. I believe in god and Today on 9 June 2020 my faith has increased on him. Today morning around 4-5 o clock. When I was missing him and wanted him to talk to me, crying, reading our chats, listening his voice chats, prayed to god please please make him call me. Please. Hugging the teddy bear, he gave me. Wishing him to talk to me. And Bingo. Around 4:36 Pm He calls, God is truly amazing. I had a mock test at 4 in the evening so turned on the flight mode in my cell phone. But  when i was concentrating on the mock test I hear some sound, some music from the other room which was distracting me from reading so turned off the flight mode from my phone and called my mother to turn the volume down and forgot to turn the flight mode on again. When again I sat to concentrate I could still hear some sound of music I went to the other room to turn it down myself, did came back. I was in a panic mode already then started concentrating and my phone rings at 4:36. I picked it up instantly and hear his voice and said P listen I’m in mid of an exam I’ll call you. He asks are you not at home, i said I’m writing an exam I’ll call you back. I was so so happy. I couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the passages of VA properly, I was excited yet I wanted to give my 100% to the test. I was all the way thinking about him and our fight during the test. I completed it anyhow. Around 6:31. Half an hour before the right time, couldn’t concentrate. As soon as I finish I called him. And said sorry I was in mid of an exam. And I hear his words which broke my heart, He said it’s nothing it was A who wanted to talk since we were out. I said oh were you here? He said what( couldn’t hear what I said) I asked once again were you here near my place. He said no was near hazratganj. I said okay. Alright. His voice was so low. I got the hint that he didn’t want to talk at all. I disconnected the call listening take care bye from him. Saying Him Bye. I know him since 4 years, know when he wants to actually talk and when he doesn’t want to. Got my hint, which was heart breaking. That’s all.