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A doctor trying to find her place in a world

Just a girl trying to find my place in the world.i am a doctor,that is something I am very proud of.but I'm also so much more than that.im a girl who was brought up with brothers and a mother with psychiatric problems.A father who loved her deeply and did everything he could to make her a good doctor.brothers who are supportive at times.but over the last few months things have been difficult.mentally exhausting.making me feel trapped.that Im not living my life the way I want to but for the sake of others.

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Re: A doctor trying to find her place in a world

I only see female doctors. I’m a male. Childhood traumas. I can’t strip & be touched by a male without me getting angry.

Females can touch me & im fine; so long as they are nice.

I’ve found females care more. I’m a 285 lb muscle man. Male doctors treat me like I’m never sick or hurt. I once had blood clots & a male doctor wouldn’t test me. Nearly died. A female doctor caught it & saved me.

So I’d gladly see you. I only send all my kids to female docs.

God Bless