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A dream

So I've been dreaming about a thing, but I thought that was normal, the dream was yesterday and today I had the continue of the dream yesterday, is it weird? I tried to find it on google but they gave me another answer, it's not my question yet they gave me the answer to another question. I really don't know what is happening and if it's normal, please give advises about this, it haunts me... :)

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Re: A dream

You're just lucid. I do it most of the time as well. But i don't think a lot of people can do this. Even realizing you're dreaming while you're dreaming is hard if you havent experienced it or practiced it before. But once you are aware you are dreaming then, you can actually control and set up your dream. I think in your case is you had the repetition of the dream which made you aware (thought not fully if you know what I mean) and that made you want to control it. Do I make sense? Basically is you were i'd say semi-aware of it at least that's why you were able to continue what you wanted to transpire or at least your subconscious wanted to transpire.

wait a damnnnnnn minute how do you lucid dream??? i’ve been trying to for like 2 days but i gave up cus i couldn’t and i really have to like i’m dying to control my dreams and have some fun so pleaseeeee tell me ..........................………........,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,,.,.,.