A fun day at school

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I wanna throw up i hate it, i hate it, god i hate it. Does nobody see that i’m trying, at all? I’m doing everything that i can to stop. I haven’t done anything bad in a long time now but they think anything that goes missing is because of me, they think anything that brakes is because of me. Every time someone screams and yells at me i can’t help but talk back because what they think or said is a lie and i end up giving off a little bit of an attitude and thats enough to start putting me on meds. How long do i need to put up with everyone i’m so tired, so, so tired. Well at least they dont need to worry about me ending my life because im to much of a coward to do that. I’m sorry that I’m “fat”, I’m sorry that I’m such a “disappointment”,  I’m sorry that you can’t handle “someone like me”. I’m sorry that I’m even trying to get anything out of you, even a compliment because i should know better then to go looking for those since ill never get any. To you i cause the most problems, have the most problems, and cost the most when it comes to the medical bill. What should i do to get you to accept me.