A good advice, anyone?

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so here's what happened: about three months ago, near end of october, i met this guy #1 in a dating app and i really liked him. after three weeks of talking, we kind of hit it off, until i saw a strange picture frame in the background when we were videocalling in his laptop. it was him, hugging a woman that looked exactly like me! but i know it wasn't me because we never met in person yet. i felt betrayed, hurt and really disappointed. felt freaked out too and creepy. i asked him who that woman is, then he said, it was his ex, who dumped him last year and still did not tell me the reason why. unacceptable. i did not talk to him for a week and he has been constantly bugging me with phone calls when i decided to go back online. he accused me if i was seeing another guy online, etc. i decided to ignore him. one that same heartbreaking week, i went into a random chat site to forget what just happened and met guy#2, he is decent and really fun to talk to because he is very mature despite his age. he is never pushy with his opinions and i kind of grew fond of him. in the middle of december, he asked for a videocall, (because we usually just swap pictures and do phone calls) and there, bring out his guitar and played a song for me on my birthday and asked if i could be his girlfriend. he sounded serious and since he made me happy, i agreed right away, thinking about all the pros and cons on the back of my head. that night of my birthday, until the next day, we talked about so many things. after a week, he started to become busy with his work and doesn't have time for a good chat, and later he told me he found a friend in snap, and said he was comforting her in a break-up. i was livid. like hello?! i contained my anger and said, "okay, so she's just a friend?" and he replied, "yes, just a friend". my faith in him started cracking right there and then. i felt like i have been lied to about something i didn't know. so i told a friend about it and asked for an opinion. this friend, guy#3, i met him even before i met guy#1, and we were just platonic since then. so, when i told him about what happened to guy#2 and me. i didn't know he was laying a trap for me. like a wolf in sheep's clothing. so he comforted me, and whenever my boyfriend, guy#2, was busy talking with his female friend, i was talking with guy#3. guy#3 and i became like an item and i feel like cheating guy#2. okay, im cheating. now, guy #3 said he would be bringing his parents to my house next month. what to do? guy#2 said the same thing to me but he still keeps on talking to that girl until now!!! what to do???