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A handkerchief

Found his handkerchief that I borrowed once. Days and Months of trying to forget him and let go and move on. A handkerchief wiped it all and filled me with memories again. Will it ever go away? Will I ever forget? Do people can? Forget their first love?

Mine cheated on me, filled me with remorse and anger and pain. But the good memories still take over. I don't tell him that. Too proud. Besides, it would make me look needy.

He says he is in pain too. Blocked his number but he still calls every day. Apologized.

Will it ever be the same? Not just with him but with the world. I don't think I look at people the same way now. I have lost faith, trust, and above all I have lost hope.

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Re: A handkerchief

Honestly, Chuck anything you had of his, any pictures and block then delete him on all social media.

you will not only feel MUCH better like a weight has been taken off your shoulders but can start the next process of actually moving on.

you’re currently stuck in limbo.. where he still has control over you.

good luck