A legendary actor he is.

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This is a poem.

A Man,

With the face so perfectly chiseled.

To a character,

With a soul of dedication

That sounded so whistled.

From hanging off a plane, (A400)

To holding his breath for six minutes.

From being the first halo jump shoot actor,

To sitting fearlessly at the top of Burj (Khalifa)

He proves, the worth of his name.

And the reason why he gets paid with the big bucks.

He can run in a suit.

So perfectly tailored to accentuate his thighs.

I watch his hands as they form blades,

Cutting right through the air of wise.

Yet, it hasn't always been easy,

But he can be my wingman anytime.

I know, it's a risky business,

And i can handle the truth,

That sometimes,

Loving him is impossible.

But it's a mission, i choose to accept.