A letter to me

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Dear me,

If you're going to lose yourself, your principles, self control, self esteem, self respect then stop letting yourself get into those situations.

If you're going to let it every time destroy you, to make your feel rejected, unwanted, hated, sad and depressed, if it's going to make not wanna wake up. Don't do it. Please stop letting yourself into it.

Close your heart, let go, make time for yourself. Disappear if you have to until you feel right.

Don't text someone to cover up your feelings, don't cry to someone don't go to someone else every time you feel rejected, every time you're ignored..

Don't ignore your feelings because of others, control yourself. Wake up. You only got yourself

Stop falling into bad habits because you feel sad it's not gonna fix it or make you feel better.

Please take care of yourself, for you. Please get your shit together.. work for your future.

It's time to wake up, time to change, time to focus and revive yourself. It's time pull it together and succeed. No one will bring you peace except you.

Everyone will leave at some point you need to only need yourself.

Dear me, I am here for you and I will work for you, I will do whatever I can for you. Dear me please try your best and be strong you are beautiful, strong and fantastic you can do it just focus, work and pray. Dear me I'm going to love you.


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