A Letter To The Obnoxious Guy Here

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Dear gorgeous,

Which I hope you are, if not, then that... isn't surprising. Which they call in fashion matching outfits, in colour pantone 448C. An ugly attitude to match an unattractive visage. Anyways, I have to ask you: what joy does being rude and petty bring you? People come here in Vigyaa to feel comfort and to ask for help. People here already had a ton of bad things in their plate and I can't understand why do you have to aggravate things and start criticizing and finding faults and insulting people, making unsightly, racist, extremist and radical comments here and there. I didn't know how you managed to stay alive all these years with that kind of obnoxious behavior. If you cannot solve your own issues, just vent out here, write an article, don't go on picking fights with people in reply section. Words are bullets. You might or might not understand what other people are going through but it doesn't even cost a dime to be nice. Picking fights, arguing, finding faults won't solve problems for you. It will just worsen it. It isn't loud thunders that nurtures the earth, rain does. If you can't leave being a pessimist, just keep your comments to yourself. Get help, heal and start being grateful. That person in your mirror is a jade clouded in dust. You're born nice, so why paint your life with the ugly Pantone 448C? I wish you a good life. Have a nice day. 💕