A letter to you-your daughter!

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As I go back to the days I remember those fogged memories of happy moments, I was sure I could trust you with anything . I was sure that if I jumped off the swing , you would make sure I was not hurt. You promised to protect me. You promised to stand by me. But where were you when his hands were all over me? , where were you when I knew nothing? , where were you when I told you about it and you cared least to do anything about it.

I don’t love you anymore for what you are, a coward who chose to do nothing about it, a non-motherly  figure who still expects me to stand and talk to that person after all this. I don’t trust you.

Over the years I kept asking if it was wrong to hate you, but you kept giving me a reason to hate you with your unwillingness to change, your willingness to protect others over me. I’ve had dreams that still haunt me, memories that would never stop haunting me. 

I would like to say that I hate you for what you are and I’m glad that I would become a better mother than you were , for I choose to not follow you nor wanted to be any of you.