A life

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As the suns coming up and im about to start my journey. Soon to jump on a plane there is only one thing on my mind. As the fog whisps away and the day breaks. My mind rolls to the one who charges my every cell. My chest pumps with adrenaline just thinking about her. My mind wonders to laying with our heads close the smell of her shampoo filled my nose. All I see is flashes of a life that could be. The long walks in the woods, dancing on a pier to the music of our hearts. Just holding each other as our hearts sync together. I can invision the house where we would plan trips around the world to the Isles of Scotland, climbing hills in Maui. The pitterpatter of little feet running though the house. Knowing this is where our life worth waiting for. The fights in the kitchen yelling until 3am just to kiss and make up because we can't stay mad at each other. Staring into those green eyes until the day we are called to our heavenly home. Filling the essence of each other everyday in everyday with every fiber of our being. As all this flashes though his mind in a mear second I come back to reality I realizes it is but a flash of what could be. A single tear rolls down my cheek knowing in my heart what should be, what could be. A life worth waiting for...