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a lil part of my poor life

Hey , i dont know how to start this but im really really sad . i think about suicide everday im so fucked , I've never thought of it before but lately i feel like im.unwanted and being hated i have friends and they text me and shit but the sadness still exist no matter wat i do i love facebook memes and i always share it with my fb friendstoday i deactivated my account cuz i couldn't resist Facebook , facebook make me sad and depressed everytime i log in i feel the sadness so i deactivate it and now im using another facbook acount which is empty i just want to text my 3 colse friends i hated the other famous one sm, i just want to be alone but in the other way i dont want to lose ppl anyway fuck it , i dont need anyone

2- im single since ages i used to love and be loved in the past but this 2years , there's nothing no one loves me and i could tell i dont love anyone " like the crazy love u feel me ? No i dont i kinda miss this feeling .... so i have discord i talk with ppl and i laugh but still unwanted omg ??????
In Instagram i have like 555 followers
Insta is chill tbh just pics no drama i dont even read the cmnts in insta , i loved it
twitr i created it but i didnt like it for me i find it empty no likes no followes
4 chan seems lame af
Im not a gamer because im a poor bitch nmy pc is broke since hundred of years lol my phone is sucks i drop it in the toilet lol eww and i fixed it lol , thats was 2 yers ago lololo ew the peee 🤢,🤮 lol nvm its android so its lame i want to buy a new big phone with a good camera , cuz when i used to post my pics in fb they used to make fan of the quality like can u stfu lol
So i need that new phone and pc but wheres the money ?
Anyways so i wanted to get a cat but my mom didnt agree im so pissed i love cats sm sm especially black oneS GOD -
we live in a a tiny house so yea its sucka affffff ya rebi
Ah i tbh want a bf i don't care if he got muscles , i hate muscles tbh facts i love normal body , i love white boys more idk why lollol auhhhh 👀👀👀 mm
Theres lot of things to say im just mixing ushit together lol no one can judge so who cares lol ahh i upone up