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A little more about sexting

Actually I met a guy online who is handsome, flirt, amusing and all. He is 4 years older than me. I like the way he is. And what's the crime in a little flirting here and there right??

Our flirting quickly escalated to sexting. I like the way he made me feel. Now obviously he wants me to do the same but the problem is I don't know how to please a guy in sexting like how do you approach? He wants me to please his dïck and literally I really want to.

But again I dunno so can someone please suggest me some ways to help me out??

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Re: A little more about sexting

This is a pervert, if he is older than 18 and you are younger than 18 he is a pedophile. I know its difficult to listen and I actually had a boyfriend when I was 13 and he was 15, we were the exact same as your situation. I met him online, an older boy and I liked how he made me feel, really girly and loved and butterflies, but after I dumped him literally 2 months after meeting him... I realized that he would send pictures of his cock and pressure me to send him nudes of my pussy. He pressured me into pleasuring myself and I was too young, dumb, naiive and I wanted to join in. But in reality, I just wasted my first ever boyfriend on a pervert.

My advice, save your first experiences for a guy with a perfect heart and can hold a normal conversation without mentioning nudes or his cock