A little push for you

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Heeyyy so Christmas is coming. And I know that for many, many people, they can’t find joy in the holidays. Like, whats the point in celebrating if theres nothing for me to celebrate? Well, you’ve made it this far already. Celebrate the fact that you haven’t made another move on your own life, whether it’s been one day or one year. Celebrate another hard day you pushed through, celebrate the fact that you’re still standing. I know Christmas is supposed to be a religious celebration, but it’s evolved into something more. Please use this time to reflect, find help that you need, give yourself a break. Even if its just for a second, give yourself a break. I know things are hard: depression, bi-polar, sexuality, relationships, rape, low income, etc., but you can do it. Use the upcoming day to celebrate something you value, even if you’re not happy. It might be a little hard, or extremely hard. You might think it’s impossible. You might be lonely, or sad, or hopeless, or angry, but please set aside some time, no matter how little to value anything you have. I know it seems near impossible, but I believe in you. I’m sorry if you couldn’t find this believable or if you couldn’t find motivation or solace in this post, but Happy holidays, and congratulations on your hard work and efforts. Don’t give up!