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I posted a few minutes ago, but now I switched to my computer rather than my phone so it is much easier to type. I have a problem with lying. I have been diagnosed with BPD after suffering a pretty traumatic childhood. When I got to college, I wanted to create an imaginary life in which my past wasn't so bad. I told my friends and my girlfriend that I am from Canada, even though I've lived in California my entire life. I always thought I could get away with it because my family would never meet my college friends or girlfriend anytime soon, but now things are changing. My girlfriend is coming with me up to college in my car, and her family is going to drop her off at my family's house. I have always dropped hints that I'm not from Canada (saying that my family is from here originally, or that we were only in a different country because of my dad's work), but now I'm worried that they are going to talk to my parents about it, and the truth will come out. If this happens, I will have no girlfriend, and I will have no friends left. I hope that this is something that just won't come up, and that I am working myself up for nothing.

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