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A Never Ending Story

So, I been in a relationship on and off for 9 years. I been in domestic violence, been cheated on twice, and heart broken over and over again. But I keep taking this person back. Why? As I sit here writing this I am crying my eyes out in my room. I don’t understand. I am a strong person, strong minded, caring, loving, humble, sometimes I can be heartless but someone has to take me there. I know I Deserve better but I keep going back to the same old thing. I love myself but I don’t think I’m in love with myself. And it all hurts. How do I sit here and tell others to be strong and I am not strong myself.

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Re: A Never Ending Story

writing this is strong, admitting that you cant be with this person is strong and knowing that theres a problem is strong

im not the most qualified to give this advice but, you are worth more than this. it can take time and courage but you owe it to your beautiful self to end it and be with someone truly wonderful as you deserve