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A pain in my chest that won't go away

A pain in my chest and it won't go away.

From outside it looks like my life is perfect ;perfect friend group; decent marks;loving family but it couldn't be more opposite. It feels arrogant to complain about anything when I am so privileged so I don't tell anybody. But I am slowly losing myself . I stopped studying completely , stopped paying attention in classes , giving in work. I used to sing now I stopped it's too much sadness. I am always smiling but I don't mean a single one. I used to workout now i stopped . I used to be excited to live now it I barely wake up to survive.

I have exams in a month and I can't get myself to do anything. Please, please help!

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Re: A pain in my chest that won't go away

Find a way. Today I have watched Oz family; Seinfeld; the Office; cartoons. I make a smile on my face till I laugh.

I listened to I’m sexy & I know it; don’t worry be happy; Grease; shadow dancing; Elvis Santa clause is coming to town.

I have Christmas lights over my bed. I love to watch them blink.

I get up & do simple exercises. Do 10 mins school work. Listen to a song & do a little exercising or mild dancing. 10-20 mins school work: another song. I often stop a song 1/3 to 1/2 way thru; work; then rest of song c