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A place just for me

I want to walk somewhere, somewhere nice. Shaded by the oak trees’ generous leaves from the sun, the leaves that would protect me from rainy days. Not somewhere in a deep forest where the bugs will relentlessly attack me, but somewhere still ever so secluded.

I’d like to go somewhere where the grass is long, but not long enough to hide ticks and ants that sneak up on me while I listen to music by myself. I’d like to hide somewhere where my family and friends don’t have to worry about me. I’d like to run somewhere where the sun is out, but there are dark and enticing storm clouds thundering in the distance.

I want to stay somewhere safe, but still exciting. Somewhere calm, but windy enough to keep my eyes propped open. I want to stay somewhere new, a place where I’ve never been.

I want it to be not too far from home, but far enough so that nobody hears my sobs when I feel down. So that nobody hears me humming to myself the lyrics of some song that my parents don’t approve of. So that nobody worries for my safety, but still recognizes my existence when I return.

I want to stay in this place forever, but I know I can’t. People will wonder where I’ve gone, unless I’ve finally decided to push everyone away and be alone for a long, long time.

When the wind settles it’ll just be me and this unachievable perfect fantasy place, all alone.

Oh, and make sure there’s reception and WiFi there, too.