A Plea From the March -OR

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The March for freedom by the colored society Is cruel. Not because colored citizens are choosing to do it, but because in the process they oppress others. I am white. My family tree was some of the most accepting of homosexuality and difference in beliefs since before it was a mainstream ideology. But my mother remembers the time of after the Civil War, where her family fled Long Island because she was threatened every day, because her little brothers skull was cracked open at the age of two by Jewish Children who decided that it was a appropriate answer. She remembers moving with her husband, and not being allowed in neighborhoods. She remembers my birthdays where children came just to steal my belongings behind our backs.

I can't get scholarships as easy as other of my gender as I am not a person of color. My mother lost her job and FASFA doesnt acknowledge such until two years from now. I thought this was all the worst of it... then the marches began. My colored friends interrogate me, asking why I defend my color AND theirs. My colored boyfriend begs me to use him as a symbol that I am "with" the movement so I cant get hurt. I have to use this website because otherwise, my family would be put in danger.

I believe in the march, not for colored people, but for people. Please, give us a chance. People of non colored are soon not going to be the majority, but we still suffer one of the most horrendous stereotypes.