A poem about self hate.

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A shattered heart, looking down at a river of tears flowing.

A broken soul, self hate still growing.

even though I still count my imperfections,

deep down I think later in life I will learn my lessons.

Counting calories in every bite,

maybe i can make it another night...

Scars appear across my skin,

hope and peace not let in.

so hear me out when i say,

I hope i can bring myself to live another day.

the night brings me to tears.

I break-down around midnight with all my fears.

The fears someone will notice that "cat scratch",

The fears that someone will notice how I try to skip dinner.

The fears that I will die someday,

and everybody I know will pass away.

this world has gotten me down,

maybe next i will be 6 feet underground.

I don't understand sadness,

But I know what its like to feel numb,

empty, and over all filled with madness.

Mad at this world for making be,

Mad at my brain for not listening to me.

Mad at everything surrounding he.

Don't starve yourself. don't make the same mistakes i did,

Next people will be standing next to your casket crying the way that says it.

I'm sorry for everybody who lives like this.

Crying down in an empty abyss.

No one understands why we don't leave our bed,

or go "play" on electronics instead.

or why we aren't hungry all the time,

or why we always cover up.

And im sorry for not being the person you were dreaming of.

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