a promise with a stranger

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hi! i dont know why but i want to tell you guys a story. Earlier today i talked to a stranger on omegle. I was bored so i thought i would mess with them. I know its probably some useless shit but this guy is different. haha I know prolly im just weird but let me dream eh? the conversation started with me saying "nice ass". Pftt i know im childish. and surprisingly he didnt skip me. we kept talking and joke around and i already know this guy is playful and funny. And being the awkward weird ass iam, i said i love you to him. he said it back. the conversation kept going and i know some of u guys may think this is normal but this shit is not for me. i ask him if its fine if i can love others as well but he gets sad. he said its not fair. its like i never even love him. he said if u love the first person u wont love another. yea yea i know this is not a big deal but it doesnt stop there. we made a promise. if its true that our love is real, we will meet again in the future and promise to find each other. In one condition. That is if we dont love another person. I know he may not be sincere but a part of me hope that i will meet him. The only thing i know about him is his name and where he live which is in fuckin Europe. Like bro tf i live in Asia. But this just made me even more excited to find him. He live in France too! he actually wanted to talk to me again at snap maybe but i dont know. I wanted him to find me. I wanted him to be my true friend and he promised anyway. and maybe my life will be a bit interesting. If he is not sincere or prolly think im a weirdo he should have skip me at the begining. But still i dont know if he even want to meet me but of course my dumbass still hold the promise. I know this is stupid but i hope i can see him again. sorry for wasting ur time reading this shit ass story haha. anyways wish me luck eh?

-stoopid ass who

believe in fate-

i know im kinda stupid doing this promise, at least there is still a reason to live haha.