A proud cheater

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A proud what I am

I am in a relationship that DOES make me happy, I am sexually satisfied and I feel loved and my partner knows me to the very depths of my being....however, I recently cheated on him with a guy I met in college and immediately bonded with. We arranged to meet at my place, while my partner was away for the night.

Before having sex, I felt guilt in advance, now, the morning after, after having sex for hours on end with my lover, I feel the just tiniest pang of guilt, so insignificant I barely realize it's there.

I instead feel proud and naughty and cannot wait to do it again, although none of this interferes with my love for my partner.

I guess I want the best of both worlds and keep having the affair and I don't feel bad about it AT ALL.

I think it would be fair to conclude, that I am a sick, wanton woman.

I like it.

The most bizarre thing is, I am otherwise a loyal, loving and caring person.

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