A Random Thought About Education...

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I realize that many children who are studying are suffering. Some are arguing about the educational system or may I say the way of teaching. Which causes some students to rebel, depress, suicide and etc. Why do we children didn't protest when we are more than them? Why don't we start the change? Why are we afraid of our teachers? When they were also students who experienced what we experienced today. They can't hurt us because we are the hope of our future and the world. So if we are that important, why are they killing us slowly by education?. Why don't change the ways of teaching for the better good of the student's health? Why not discipline us in a smart way, not in a hard way. They know how we feel then why are they still continuing it. Why didn't they start to change? Like how we change our world full of technology. Now, we need to change the way of teaching for the health of ourselves.