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A reality-programmatic perspective on origins of horrorsomeness

Perceive a suburban environment as a forest; like any other - full of trees, small pathways, dense to differing extents. Now realize the forest is alive; consisting of countless components interacting and forming what is similar to a decisionmaking process leading to responses.

The forest, suburban sorrounding a capitol structural culmination point, consists of many gardens each almost like a tree. A garden consumes nourishment and often most a generator of sustenance: A home.

A home consumes component=“human” and produces value=“labor, sustenance gathering, data redistribution, maintenance of labor = access to sustenance, like checkups on water infrastructure access systems, ..”. Furthermore generator=“home” consume maintenance, materials, sustenance of components, relational sustenance, ongoing mutation of patterns in structure etc..

Everything consumed uses [animal bodies, fixation of particles in structure blocking aligning, military protection, suppression and terror occurences like jailing (maltargeting individual instead of occurence of wrong consuming individual as component in occurence (the principle of innocence)), nonfairtrade and exploitation of plant life, loss of faith and corruption of religious structures as misused for cultural gain originating in hollow, %-part/sum_occurencesAddiction(drugs, ..)..].

Essentially addiction to sacrificing; value is also produced by these New Age forests - one being mutation of microbiology and alignment of particles as well as patterns of thought; this being a product consumed in the sustenance infrastructure by such as animals fixated in tiny booths unable to mutate healthily the microbiology living on surface of bodies. I.e. it’s a horribly addictive dynamic ever requiring more and never fulfilling - the cost to the product is paid for by the product but never to a point of greater non-loss than loss.

One could perceive this as a driver of expansion, ever increasing consuming and sacrificing - to ever greater extents ever suppressing, forsaking, hiding wrongs, being self-contradictory to greater extents, denying economics at depth - likely producing lots of value farmed/accessed. But by what and where and whom? It’s a lot of death, misery, suffering, needed healing and detraumatizing, damage, navigational burden etc... Like a lot..