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I see you in my dreams, and with all due respect get the fuck out

it is half past two and I am up

flashes of our future haunt me

I don't think it's love, nor is it lust

because I love the way your hair gets all messy and I have to fix it

I love the way you carry yourself like you know everything is going to be all right

I love the way we bicker

is it okay to say that I love you

is it true

is it love

I think it's obsession

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it

I hate that it makes me do stupid things

see it's now 3 am and the only reason I am up is because of you

damn you with your mysterious charm

damn you and your perfect amount of niece interests

damn you and your immaculate taste in music

I hate you, I don't even like you

it makes no sense and what do I get

it makes no sense and what do you gain

it makes no sense why do we want to risk everything

but still, that picture of us standing there talking is deeply engrained in my brain

I can see you so clearly even when I close my eyes