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A struggle

I'm dating someone and I love them very much , but there are times where we plan things together and it falls through. I'm the type of person who mentally prepares for things so whenever they do that it hurts me so so badly. It isn't really their fault, things happen like they don't feel well or they are needed for something, but.....it hurts anyway. They always hype up the thing and they have me get ready and then last minute they go "oh my friend wants to hang out with me, we'll do this tomorrow". And then the next day comes and they don't feel well and then the next day we get interrupted and they don't call back later when they say they will....I sound like an asshole. I probably am. At this point it happens so often that....that I don't know if I can trust what they say. I wish I wouldn't mentally prepare for things when I know there's a chance it won't happen. And I wish they could tell me sooner when we can't do what we've planned together. I've told them how I felt, and the said they'd let me know but its always last second. Hyping me up then dropping me, it feels like that. My heart can't take it. I'm so stupid, I hate feeling this way. I hate feeling so broken and crying over this. I wish I wasn't like this.....I don't know what to do.