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A teenager journey.

I saw a quote one time when I was doing research on how to get someone to trust you again, it said “depending on the severity of your situation, regaining trust may seem impossible. “ and boy is that how it feels right now. All my life I have had trouble taking responsibility for my actions. It could have been because I grew up in a house with fighting (but very loving) parents. I still wonder why to this day. Trust is an important thing. One of the most important things in life and by far the most important virtue in a relationship. I’ve always thought I had the tools to make it in life. I play baseball at a high level, I make good grades, I have good friends and I consider myself a nice and caring guy. But I have one major problem that sticks out above all else, loyalty. Loyalty is basically your ability to show allegiance to someone. This was nowhere to be found inside of me.Crazy right, 14 years old and having relationship issues, Definitely not how it’s meant to be at this age. My parents have been married for 20 years, it may seem common but surprisingly it’s actually not. That’s loyalty. Not turning your back on somebody when things get hard or don’t go your way.

Regaining trust. Well, it starts with you and it starts with responsibility. Be happy that you even have a chance to start over, be grateful for that. Grateful for the generosity the person has shown you. It starts with you. In the last 24 hours, I have embarked on a journey of regaining trust from a person very close to my heart. I’ve never done anything like this before but I do know one thing and one word that needs to be a part of my vocabulary as I go and try to redeem myself, patience. What a simple word, with such a complex meaning, I really do wonder how many people life stories revolve around the word patience. Maybe it’s just me, but I imagine there’s a lot.

If you are anybody who is in my position right now, be a man. Be honest with yourself, don’t try and make yourself look good, apologize to the people who deserve it and don’t stop until they accept it. Search for friends that will put you in check, not show you sympathy and tell you “everything is going to be ok”. You don’t need to be comforted, you need to take action.

Back up your words with actions. Do it. Or else, what you are trying to achieve will never happen, show that you care, even if what you did was a mistake (it always is). Listen to her and process all imformation that she is saying. In the end, you made the mistake, not her. She has every right to say anything she wants to you

loyalty, patience, trust, action.