A True Story My Luck In Life

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i decided to write poems about everything thats happened to me. ive not told anyone a lot of what has happened to me so i am posting anonymously. this is chapter one and is completely true.

My luck in life  

I don’t remember when it started,  

But my heart can feel how hard it is.  

A family who’s meant to love each other, 

I thought the one who loved me most was my brother. 

Confused and manipulated, 

I was Being controlled and dictated. 

Young and naive, I saw nothing wrong 

Up in his room hed play a film or a song, 

While I did what he wanted again and again 

As I got older I knew it needed to end  

A few years with out contact my life was troubled, 

I moved in with dad, no protective bubble.  

My brother came to visit late one night, 

He crawled in my bed and gave me a fright, 

Afraid and In shock I whispered to him  

Get out of my bed before I scream what you did. 

The next day I was brave and made a decision  

I was going to tell dad and send him to prison. 

Little did I know I would be so let down  

Because when I told my dad all he did was frown, 

He said I must be imagining things his son wouldn't do that 

So I cried and begged, and we spoke as we sat, 

But still I gave up and just thought that was that. 

Only 15 and already been through so much, 

Raped by my brother and another wasn’t enough? 

I got pregnant at 14 by the man who had raped me, 

And I begged and I begged for someone to save me. 

But it was in my luck that no one would come  

And who knew that my struggles had just begun. 

Growing up in a home with a violent mum, 

Now 15 years old with a son. So overwhelmed I went on the run. 

I still can't believe there's more to come.