A very pleasurable experience with food. (Story time)

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I eat far too much food. I love it. I eat until am full and then I love to keep going! Eating more food! My stomach feels like it's going to pop. It's very pleasurable. I eat lots of food for the pleasure that eating lots of food brings. The eating a meal is a pleasure, gaining weight is a pleasure, gaining fat is a pleasure, even the feeling of a full stomach is a pleasure. Yes I even on a full stomach. Why? For the pleasure of it!

It all feels absolutely lovely! 😊

The more I eat & the bigger/fatter I get, the more pleasure I feel. Such a wonderful, lovely, pleasant, joyful, very pleasurable experience in life I have in food & fat. Love it, I am enjoying myself πŸ˜‹ and not stopping. It's far too pleasure to stop.