A wild monkey has barged into my house!

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So i live in a region where there are monkeys around and occasionally, one or two break into the house. My mom has been awag for a couple of weeks now and I'm living alone and suddenly, two nights back, i hear a monkey screaming from the garden. Remembering how a lady was horribly bit by a monkey a few months back, I shut all the doors and windows tightly. I thought it would go away but it does not! I kid you not, it's been 3 days now and strangely, the creature comes back every night. It sleeps in the garden, wakes up early in the morning and destroys everything right there, then leaves. It has become a cycle. I dont know who to contact. And more importantly I'm scared as hell since mom's away.

I suspect the monkey is rabid, so i dont want to approach it at night. I am fearing for my life right now since its night time again and that thing is back, making angry noises in front of my window.