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A word about today’s social hypocrisy

I am in a job where I have some notoriety and cannot always express my personal feelings. Especially when it comes to the current social climate. So here goes.

I a, sick to death of every white person being called bigot or racist just because they don’t kneel in protest of the shooting of black criminals. I am sick of being told if I say I am proud to be white I am a racist hole blacks doing the same thing are touted as activists.

being black In today’s society doesn’t give you the right to expect every white person to bow down to what you perceive as systemic racism prejudice or bigotry.sorry to inform you but there’s nobody alive today who was enslaved and entitled to reparations just as there are no slave owners. Not every white person is a bigot. Just because white people do not let you destroy their property at your every whim doesn’t make them criminal. It makes you criminals.

Just because I choose not to kneel to some “black national anthem” doesn’t give you the right to threaten me or shove your ideology down my throat.

why is ok for blacks to call whites honky or corn fed hillbilly or white trash and not expect Any kind of retaliation but if one of calls them the n word it’s a federal crime.

and here’s a word to all you protesters get a job and maybe you wouldn’t have time for all that silliness.