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A year ago today

A year ago today

A year ago today... I was sitting on my dorm balcony with Shawn and Ryan, I was thinking I had all the time in the world with them . I knew I had at least nine months left with them. 

6 months ago today, I was leaving for winter break for a month. I flew home after barely passing Biochem and barely keeping a babysitting job for 5 months that semester.

5 months ago today, I was mourning the death of my cat. I was sad and my car broke down, costing $1000 to have everything replaced. I worked at Seattle and babysat Julia and Brian with my friends. 

4 months ago today, I was crying in Florida. I had locked myself out of my bank account, I had no money. I had nothing and was freaking out.

3 months ago today, I was finishing my senior year online. I was doing schoolwork and trying to get a full time job and finish my school all from home. I was sad I hadn’t been around my friends.

2 months ago today, it was spent in Texas and Louisiana I was with Bella and Rose- exploring the south for no other reason then ‘cause we could.

1 month ago today, my brother was leaving me at home alone for four months.  I just want him to be home and I also thought I was alone.

And reflecting on all that change in a year is a lot to take in.