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I'm sleeping over at my friend's house tomorrow, and I can't tell if the thing that happened last time was a dream or not. I'm scared I'm gonna fuck it up. Idk what to do!! I remember kissing her, and I know I'm just gonna be awkward... Help meeeee!! Like, hopefully it'll be okay but it's so hard to tell, because if I kiss her and it didn't happen, I ruined things, if she kisses me and I wasn't expecting it, I might ruin things, I just- Idk, please helpppp

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ik my advice is trash but I would just say "last time we saw eachother did we kiss? or did my dumbass dream it?" because all my friends know I'm dumb anyway but this has to be 300 characters so ignore the rest aldnfkfjndmemsosjsjsnnenfkfkidjmsksjdnekslsodjnrne kdkdjdnememjsjsnrn. isnskkdjfnne. nskksjdnfkrneks