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I don't know where to start with this or if this is even the correct place to do so. As a son in a migrant family, I guess I've always been in (close) contact with some kind of racism. In the country where I was born, but not a native, I was always seen as 'that foreigner'. In my 'motherland' I was always seen as 'the one that isn't from here'. Now I've moved to another country, which is neither my birth- or motherland, and I'm still experiencing 'racial remarks' and pre judgement of law enforcement and official national instances. And saying this, I do not mean I understand or want to justify or un-justify the Black community that is going through these hard times nowadays. I do believe that police is needed. I do believe that in some cases force is needed. I do believe that excessive or lethal force should be avoided at all cost. There are countries in this world where there are police forces that patrol the streets unarmed. There are countries where police uses lethal force in very little, almost none, occasions. Yet these countries are not having high criminal rates or an overpopulated penal system. These are countries where people respect each other .

With this I'm not criticizing the important attention paid to the movement for black lives, but they note that a larger narrative is at play: Racial issues in the United States tend to be framed as black and white, while other groups are ignored. I'm part of one of these 'others' that are ignored by all this. This is not because my ethnic 'colour' is similar to white (beige as I call it...). It's not because I'm a foreigner in a certain country. And it definitely is not because my minority group has a lower incarceration rate.

Because let's be honest now...

What is the real reason behind all this?

Is it because the police used lethal force? Is it because he was a coloured man? Or is it because of the lack of opportunities minority groups have in certain countries?

Because I believe that it all starts with that: Opportunity. For. All. People.

Start with a good educational system. Not based on what city or state you live in, but on what you would like to achieve in life. Why can kids only go to schools in their neighbourhood? Why can't they go to a 'better school' 15min away? If someone wants to learn a trade in order to provide for his/her family, why does it has to be at night? Why can't someone become a doctor, pilot, construction worker or baker without the need to be from a certain area or ethnic group? Why is it so hard to let everybody become what they are meant to become? People that have opportunities to achieve something, are less likely to blame someone else for their failure. But take that opportunity from them, and who will they blame? 'Give a proper education and your nation will thrive' someone once said. Can you imagine what it would be like if you can create a nation that is made out of people that have had all opportunities to become someone, something they always dreamt of... How these people would thrive in whatever field they operate? How this would benefit the economy? How this would improve communities and ethnic understanding? There would be no more ghettos or stigmatised areas. Blue collar, hard working, equal opportunity getting areas is what would be the norm...

There would be only one ethnicity: HUMAN.

Thank you for your time.

If this is inspirational in any way, feel free to use my words...

Please do not miss use them.