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Abuse and neglect

im living with abusers who scolds loudly hits me takes away my belongings uses my college tuition money and force my cloths off I don’t know what to do where to go I’m afraid authorities won’t believe me plus I’m afraid due to law enforcement killed that black guy I want to live with someone else fast

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Re: Abuse and neglect

It is really hard right now. I have to rent a tiny room in s shared place. People up all hours. Trying to share one bath. People eating your food. Their pets in your room.

I actually get along well with most of them. But my room is a storage room. I can’t complain. It’s all I can afford. But these two females have to come in to get their clothes. One works days. One at nights. So I’ll wake up nude sometimes with someone in my room trying to quietly get clothes. I’ve just given up on modesty & keep sleeping.

What does annoy me are the pets. I have allergies. There are rabbit & hamster cages by my bed. This causes bugs in my room. I’ll wake up with stuff crawling on me. I’ll wake up to a big dog licking me. Cats sleeping on me. One cat will scratch my legs from under the bed if I get up.

I was having an erotic dream. Woke up doing what guys do. There’s one of my roommates getting in the closet by my bed. They just laugh & tell me not to worry about it. I feel like a teenager again. Like my sister & her older friends are in my room stealing my candy as I sleep again.

here is my advice to your situation you should not have to put up with the abuse https://psychcentral.com/blog/7-signs-you-may-be-in-an-abusive-relationship/