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Hello all ,

I know everyone is hating but???

I'ma child molester (my daughter) and maybe a few of her friends!!! I simply can't help myself from three to twelve! I know it's traumatizing and I feel bad .

Really I do. I just can't stop! I started touching my daughter at three and oh God I felt horribly guilty! But not guilty enough to stop! By five digital penetration happened and she knew I was molesting her cause she woke up with my head between her legs ! Horribly guilty i felt !!! But when her 1st grade buddies came over I didn't feel guilty enough to not molest 3 of them! From 8-12 I was regularly fucking my daughter and two of her friends! Yep but things were changing! She turned thirteen and blew the lid on everything! But her friends wouldent back her up!

I am sorry I know it's hurtful I know it makes me a horrible person i am sorry. But I love raping/molesting little girls I am sorry I am a horrible monster! Who loves raping/and molesting little girls!

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Re: Abuse

Dude. No. You need to turn yourself in. You love your daughter, dont you? Can't you realize that this would seriously ruin her life? You are the reason her life is so bad. Imagine getting something special that you cant take back painfully taken away from you, and then the pain regularly keeps coming back. You may just be the reason your daughter might kill herself for in the future. Turn yourself in, and stop ruining the lives of children for your pleasure.

You're fucking disgusting for that. If you truly love your daughter/anyone else you have traumatized, you will APOLOGIZE and turn yourself in to the police. NOW. YOU'RE NOT TRULY SORRY IF YOU KEEP DOING THIS. It is ABSOLUTELY VILE BEHAVIOR. GO FUCKING TURN YOURSELF INTO THE POLICE. YOU ARE SICK AND DISGUSTING. HUMANS LIKE YOU MAKE ME WANT TO FUCKING SNAP MY NECK

You people saying harsh and condemning words.... you should chill. If the writer didn't open up, your words won't surface but you should understand the content behind the writeup.

For the writer to open up means he really wants to stop but don't know how.

We all should save a soul and look for solutions that will help him stop the act.

To the writer;

I understand you wish to stop but can't.

There're some things we all want to stop doing but we can't just get ourselves to stop. If you've tried a lot of things and they failed to work, try seeing a therapist.

They have experience and can lead you more on the right part.

I hope you get free from this secret sin. Jesus ❤ you.

I accidently pressed the heart eyes emoji on this.. Twice by mistake. Apologies

I want to say how disgusting of a person you are. You don't deserve kids. You are supposed to b a role model but u turned out to b a monster. She'll never recover from the mental trauma u caused. Karma is waiting for u