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abuse? i’m not sure (repost but i’m still the same guy)

my dad has always not been so nice to me. sure, when i was younger he wasn’t so mean sense i was like 5, but after that he started getting meaner, especially when i was 10. he always guilts and shames me for not wanting to do music, he calls me names like “bitch” and “liar” if i do something “wrong”. he has hurt me in the past, physically as well. he choked me once, almost killing me so he could stop me. he should’ve grabbed my arms. he shamed me because i don’t go outside much, he calls me lazy and a few times he called me a slob, it hurts my feelings. he hurts me to the point of me feeling depressed, self harming just so i don’t have to take my feelings out on him. one day i went to the hospital, and he compared my behavior to a mentally unstable child in the hallway, i had a panic attack at school, not banging my head on the walls, not lying to people. is this abuse? i don’t even know what to think anymore. (PLEASE REPLY IF YOU CAN)

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Re: abuse? i’m not sure (repost but i’m still the same guy)

Hey. I’m pretty sure that is abuse. No parent should act like that. It really hurts my feelings to know such a parents exist especially because i too come from bad household. My advice to you is to talk to an adult you trust or even a friend. I hope you’ll get better. And also how does your mom react to this?

my dad does most of this when my mom isn’t home, most likely in fear that she would leave if she found out. i told my mom some things, not all, she was mad about it but didn’t do much to help, except argue with him about other things i think, i dunno i’m not sure about what she sais...............................................................................

Hey man I have the same issue, my dad is almost the same, we can relate, he buys stuff for me and doesn't let me use them, he once tried selling my stuff, he screams and swears at me, and not to my other two siblings, if you have discord we can chat my username and tag is wins00#5855 and I'm currently a game developer