Abusive home

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So at home dad has been physically abusive before which has caused trauma for me so PTSD bad anxiety about everything too. At home mum is nasty to me than she bitches to dad about me then he pokes his nose in and makes me so angry with his comments. I hate them I hate living here. I’ve just turned 20 which seems a decent age but honestly 19 is when I finished college not going uni so how do I get out? How do I even leave, cos I hate it here. Like I’m considering walking out the house and just walking away basically leave and hope I don’t get kidnapped or any shit happen to me cos I have no means of transport etc. The things that anger me so much is that mum over exaggerates bitches about me when I haven’t even done anything than dad picks on me and has a dig at me. Happen a minuite ago that’s why I came on cos I’m angry. Want someone to talk to who wants to help.