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Abusive sister

My sister is verbally abusive and im not sure what to do. its been going on for years. My parents know and don't do anything about it. Every time i feel i want to get help i feel like i'm just being dramatic. My self esteem is beyond repair and i am constantly being walked all over. I don't know what to do we share a room and i cant get away from her but i also don't want to hurt my family. Once she kept insulting me over and over so much i started to cry and couldn't stop. I ended up having a breakdown in front of my entire soccer team because my mom thought i was fine. What am i supposed to do

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Re: Abusive sister

Punch her in the face. you should be allowed to defend yourself :) and she shoulld have to deal with the consequences of her actions.

If thats not your style tho, here's another option: Work on the issue metaphysically within your own mind first. Know that she is just spewing the hatred she feels towards herself on to you because she cant handle her own horrid despair. Next time she does it just take the time to look at her and get conscious. watch her in her sad attempt to inflict pain on someone else so she doesn'T have to deal with it herself. think to yourself "wow, she is such a sad person to need to do this to someone else. everything she is saying to me is what she thinks about herself. that is sad. she is living in a hell she made for helself. she can pretend to be fine, but she really knows she is two inches away from the edge of that void every second. I'm so glad i dont act the way she does towards other people. I'm so glad that i am capable of seeing how horrible this is even if she doesn't and that i know i have integrity and will not treat someone else this way ever."

Seriously, dont even convince her to stop, just convince yourself you know the truth. the only response you need is "wow" a sarcastic "wow" will drive her crazy.

other option: protect yourself with a visualized egg of light which her negativity can never get through.