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Act like my friend on internet please..

hello, all i want is to have friends that will fucking show that they support me.. I am creative person, loving show myself with a different styles ( i love trying new things) but friend I have all she shows is jealousy. i cant try new things because she will say that this is ridiculous or at the end of the day she will copy me and not even give my credit for my idea.The thing is, my friend all the time have different friends, they comment each other pics, all the time, chating, but me? im so antisocial, that i cant even think that i want a new friend... because i dont want my friend feel betrayed as i feel when she is being with other friends. I WANT TO SHOW HER, that i can have friends, i will be glad if i will found someone on internet. I want her to see that they support me, ask how I feel or sm. Because now all i see is how is he spending time and having fun with them. And me? I dont have anything that shee will be interest in.II just think that iam too boring for everyone. I am shy person and i dont get along really fast with new people but i am really kind and Iam really listening everything what person has to say and taking care of them. But i need time to show them how cool I am. But how? its too late now, all i want right now is some internet friend who at least can comment on my pics and act like my friend... I want them to send me their song that theyre listening rn, what they ordered online, what they eating and how theyre feeling even if they dont care about me. please write me.. pienofobija@gmail.com

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Re: Act like my friend on internet please..

You are already a dam fucking achiever the time you thought to do something new and always stand a mile away to the people who has disease which has no cure invented so called jealous and keep doing new this my friend, society only recognize the rich and successful who has tried some thing new when they are about to begin. You have fallen in that list the time you thought of doing something new.