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Acting okay, please help?

Ever since I was little (like age 8), I had these weird routines where I have to have an even amount of steps before I walked over a line on the ground. As well as routines now (age 15) where I have to touch my temples in multiples of 3, making the left and right side even and I can’t even leave a room without touching certain objects.

Now I get fast breathing patterns and I’ve been so overwhelmed for months, acting okay to everyone else. I feel it my chest and I can’t help it, no matter how good my day is, I spend the night feeling low.

It’s gotten so much, I’ve been self-harming.

Is there anything I can do to stop either of these problems?

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Re: Acting okay, please help?

You should look into OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). It's a thing other people have too. You don't have to stop it yourself, you should just ask your doctor to reffer you to a pyschologist to manage your symptoms! It's not something you should feel bad about. You can live with your ticks and be happy. Just let your family know whats going on with you, and if they are not aware how it works tell them the psychologists can help them know how to help you too. And be at ease.

There is a lovely Tik-toker woman who has OCD is makes videos about it and has a nice community around her for people who go through the same thing :) You aren't the only one. And it'S nothing to be ashamed of. Let yourself be yourself and get some support.

Honestly thank you, I tried controlling it once and it didn’t go well to say the least...Ended up having a panic attack.

I’ve looked into it a few times just don’t think my parents would do much about it, I will see what more I can find out :)

I really appreciate the reply.