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I’m 14, I’ve been a slave to pornography and lust for a while now. I am trying to stop, but whenever a bad day occurs-no that’s just an excuse, I relapse as soon as stress levels rise, I have 0 self control. The sad thing is that I know that what I did was wrong, however I don’t really feel guilt. Is that normal? I just broke my promise for the millionth time and I’m expecting god to forgive me, I need him to to be honest, but I just keep using him to my advantage, I don’t feel sincere, all I can say is sorry but it’s hard for me to shed tears. Pray for me guys, I want to stop doing this awful habit as soon as possible. Thanks

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Re: Addicted

Bro this is not bad.. I M ALSO LIKE YOU I HAVE BEEN MASTURBATE DAILY ON MY PREVIOUS DAYS BUT NOW I DON'T SLOWLY SLOWLY You can stop this all . Just busy in games and more you will stop your self. And when you try to see porn just Think that THE HACKERS KNOW EVERYTHING AND THEY WILL USE YOUR INFORMATION AND SPOIL YOUR WHOLE LIFE UNDERSTAND THIS MY FRIEND 😕

It is good that you see this behavior hurts your relationship with God. I wish I would have seen that when i was 14. Many of us still struggle with this as we get older and I will say this - slowly begin to see that this is not what God wants for you. He wants you to respect your body, respect those of others, and live a good life in which you

are good to others - loving your neighbor as yourself. Forgiving those who do you wrong - because forgiving is stronger than revenge.

i will pray for you and also ask you keep praying to the Lord to be given the grace to overcome this. It is a struggle - temptation is easy to find and easy to give into when you feel bored or sad or stressed.

God will always love you, and even as you struggle with this, know you will be healed. keep praying and asking others to pray for you and just know God loves you and will not abandon you. Even if you dont feel guilt, think about how this habit keeps you like a slave - keeps you from being free. Do you always want to be "in chains" or would you rather be free? Think about how it hurts God each time you turn away from him in this behavior.

Any of us who pray for you love you too and will ask you be strengthened in this fight. You are so lucky to have God on your mind at such a young age - never lose that and never let him go. He loves you more than you anyone and always will.