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addicted to sex.

I'm 14. I have low-key been on it lately. so I live in an apartment by myself with my girlfriend named alisha (im bi btw). and I kinda cheated on her to have sex with other people because she's very modest and appropriate and im not Like that. ive been having sex with 7 guys and 2 girls over the past 2 weeks . and ive been having constant sex at least 8 times a day with this guy named Ethan. I haven't been in my apartment ANY and Alisha ( my 'girl' ) has been worrying about me but I just tell her im working out or shopping or working. I feel so bad but idk what to do. if I leave Ethan im gonna miss sex . ig I am 'using' him for sex. what do I do? I love Alisha but not that much ig - cause I cheated :/ ... I need to tell her what's happening but im gonna miss our relationship. Ig you have to let go of some things in life.:(