Adulting: Making Phone Calls

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I had to make so many phone calls today, my anxiety shot through the roof. Is it just me or when you’re feeling really anxious and have a knot in your chest you can’t breathe? Oxygen was entering my lungs but it felt like I wasn’t really breathing or I wasn’t getting enough air. I know anxiety represents itself differently in everyone but this suuuuucks.☹️

I feel like I should list my accomplishments.

-Called the DMV 3x.

-Called an auto shop 2x and made an appt for my car.

-Talked to a music store about my instrument 2x.

-Called a potential employer; got yelled at bc I had a “sketchy number”. I just have a different area code.☹️

It may not seem like a lot but I had to basically rehearse the entire start of the conversation before I even called. I still sounded like an idiot though. So freaking exhausting.