toxic relationship


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I am having troubles leaving in a toxic relationship. All he does is manipulate me and ends up showing his ugly true colors. The more he does that the more he pushes me away. Story time. I wanted to try someone new like alcohol but forgot that we both planned on doing that together. I ended up trying a drink without him and all of a sudden he quickly changed his attitude and told me he wasn't mad at me. But clearly he was mad at me and starts to give me a silent treatment. I don't feel like I am myself around him. I am changed completely. I am fucked mentally . I need to leave him and I am scared to see his reaction. I need some advice. Should I leave him without explaining myself or should I give him an explanation to why this relationship is not working out. He has been treating me like garbage. He has many insecurities he needs to fix on. If or when I do explain he will end up talking bad about me and good on his end. I need to have a good new year for 2021. No more toxic relationship no more boys treating girls like shit. Nobody has time for this.