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hi i need some advice.

about 3 weeks ago i broke up w my bf. that day was very traumatic for me bc he took it the wrong way and held me down on his bed and wouldn’t let go of me or get off of me. i tried pushing him off he didn’t get off till i was screaming. as i was leaving he was screaming and throwing a “tantrum” and throwing pillows in his room

ever since i’ve broken up w him i haven’t been sleeping well, eating well, and i’ve been anxious to leave my house to go to school or anxious to drive past his street (so i’ve been avoiding it)

i struggle with depression and anxiety already and just started seeing a therapist last week

i am too afraid to confront my parents about it bc they’re sort of understanding but my mom tends to judge me and just tell me to get over it or i’m too sensitive and i need to move on.

im more scared to tell my mom than my dad.

how should i go about this bc i’m honestly just thinking about avoiding telling my parents... but i just told my brother today and he said i should let them know

any advice?

sometimes honestly i feel like my mom is right and i’m just too sensitive.. but idk bc my anxiety does get the best of me

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